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UTC Start Group City Speaker Session Title Description
03:00:00 WBMD Organisers ADL / ORL / LDN / LAX Andrew / David / Kevin / Stirling Welcome to World Blender Meetup Day 2022! 🙂 Introduction and what to expect
03:10:00 Melbourne Blender Society Melbourne Sergio Mendozza Auto-generating buildings with geometry nodes Using geometry nodes and modifiers to create procedural buildings
03:40:00 Melbourne Blender Society Melbourne Eli Moss / Andrew Buttery EEVEE and the real-time WBMD logo Recreating the WBMD Logo in eevee using meta-balls and other techniques
04:00:00 Crowdrender Sydney James Crowther Crowdrender development Update on the development of Crowdrender during the last year and what is planned for this year.
04:30:00 David McSween Brisbane David McSween Underwater scenes in EEVEE Creating an underwater scene using eevee, geometry nodes and volumetrics
05:00:00 Sydney Blender Users Group Sydney James Crowther / Chris Cook Building a Blender Addon from scratch in an hour! James and Chris will attept to build an addon, from zero code to complete in less than an hour
06:00:00 Ben Dansie Adelaide Ben Dansie Kangaroo MRI reconstruction Using Blender to create bone models to 3d print for reconstructive surgery in kangaroos
06:30:00 Chris Vian Kuala Lumpur Chris Vian Blender 3D printing projects A showcase of Chris' work using 3D printing and other projects
07:10:00 Kevin Koekkoek London Kevin Koekkoek Let's make a Technoman Walkthrough on how to create a Technoman with Blender, Krita and Darktable.
07:40:00 OSMM Hong Kong Ann/y Leung Sharing of Coverage and Blender Circles in Hong Kong Blender communities in Hong Kong presented in English and Cantonese
08:10:00 BlueStone Tech Labs Pvt Ltd Mumbai Maya Pundale Integrating Blender and Unreal Engine Optimising workflow by integrating Blender and the Unreal Engine.
08:40:00 London Blender User Group London Various Round Robin Short presentations from the UK based Blender Meetup group members.
09:10:00 Natalja Vikulina London Natalja Vikulina Building "Sketchfields" from 3d scans to Blender, from Blender to Unity Visual artist Natalja Vikulina shares her experience of creating virtual reality "Sketchfields" and talks through her processes and workflows.
09:20:00 Daniel Orji Calabar Daniel Orji Mesh Tessellation With The Tissue Addon Daniel will demonstrate the Tissue Addon
09:50:00 Society for Arts and Technology - Metalab Montréal Michał Seta Misusing Blender for Fun and Non-Profit I will show some examples of how we have been (mis)using(?) Blender at the Metalab, a research and development department of Société des arts technologiques [SAT] in Montréal. I will highlight some use-cases that are potentially less expected from a 3D modelling and production software.
10:20:00 Alba Ceide London Alba Ceide Journey into 3D from a comic artist Alba experiences in using Blender as a comic artist
10:50:00 Abian Peñate Gil Sofia Abian Peñate Gil Blender for 2D games. How we used Blender for a 2D game to save time. We worked hard and failed bigger. And despite of all, Sony nominated us for a Playstation award.
12:00:00 Blender Studio Amsterdam Various Blender Open Movie Marathon Experience Blender open movies from the Blender Studio in our open movie marathon hours
12:30:00 Tombstone Tumbleweed Art Huachuca City Michael Prostka Import PLY As Verts: The Reason I Rewrote Blender's PLY Importer. The functionality of and motivation behind our new PLY import module. By allowing import of point clouds and nonstandard files (such as those from Mandelbulb3D and J-Wildfire), a completely new workflow exists with Geometry Nodes to better visualize and play with them.
13:00:00 Los Angeles Blender Users Group (LA.Blend) Los Angeles Various LA : Show and Tell Los Angeles Blender User Group presentations
13:30:00 Theory Studios Orlando David Andrade Using Photogrammetry from an iPad into Blender A session to show how we used an iPad to photoscan an actor on set and generate a 3D animated character in Blender for a photo real visual effects shot!
14:00:00 John McCarthy Adelaide John McCarthy VR dive on a Japanese submarine VR reconstruction of a submarine that sank in 1942 off the coast of Darwin, Australia
14:30:00 Melrose Center of the Orange County Library System Orlando Juan Rivera Rigging Fundamentals This event will be geared towards beginners. During the event, we will discuss and explain concepts like forward and reverse kinematics, armatures, bones, vertex groups and the Rigify add-on.
15:00:00 Victor Per Erik Nyberg London Victor Per Erik Nyberg Capturing the reflection of a place Using Blender as a tool within the sculptural practice
15:30:00 Blenderkit Prague Vilem Duha Creating scenes with BlenderKit. Presentation of BlenderKit marketplace and live session - Creating an outdoor scene in Blender with the BlenderKit add-on.
16:00:00 Blender Studio Amsterdam Simon Thommes Blender Development and Film Production - Geometry Nodes for Sprite Fright The Blender Studio has always been pushing Blender development by using it in a production environment. For their latest Open Movie project 'Sprite Fright', a major development target was the implementation of the Geometry Nodes system. Learn how the use of Geometry Nodes in production helped to shape both the creative outcome and the design of the tool itself.
16:30:00 Blender Studio Amsterdam Thomas Dinges Coming full circle In this presentation Thomas takes you on a tour throughout the years and give you a unique perspective on how Blender and its community grew in the last 15 years and also how a download changed his life and a passion became his day job.
17:00:00 Felix Kiner Animation Studio West Hollywood Felix Kiner The Broken Candle: Awards winning short animation done in Blender Created entirely in Blender 3D I want to present the short animation I have produced and directed The Broken Candle. Staring Tiffany Haddish, Eugenio Derbez and Tom Kenny.
17:30:00 Los Angeles Blender Users Group (LA.Blend) Los Angeles Mike Amron and Denys Hsu BlendArMocap addon and how to use it BlendMocap addon and how to use it
18:00:00 Orange Turbine Austin Jason van Gumster Helping Blender Be a Part of the Conversation: Orange Turbine, Year One A year ago, we officially announced the start of Orange Turbine at WBMD2021. It seems appropriate to come back a year later and share what we've been up to, what we've learned about integrating Blender into larger pipelines, and the next big things to come. Also, we'll be announcing the pre-release of a new tool for Blender that should be really helpful for integrating into 2D animation pipelines.
18:30:00 Pixelary Media Inc Vancouver Mike Pan Making of an F1 animation Showcasing the work we did for AMD on the 2021 season Mercedes Benz F1 car using Blender 3.0 on Radeon hardware
19:00:00 UPBGE / Unknown Forces Game Studio Lucerne Jacob Merrill / BluePrintRandom Geometry Nodes and UPBGE / Realtime Using geometry nodes in realtime in upbge for game development / recording animations
19:30:00 The Jewelry Rockstar Mexico City Damien Rohrbach Gold Ring modeling with Blender 3.2 Profesional jewelry modeling and rendering with Blender
20:30:00 Matthijs de Rijk Utrecht Matthijs de Rijk Rigging ships with Geometry Nodes Join Matthis for a session on rebuilding history using Blender
21:30:00 Vancouver Blender Users Group Vancouver Scott Wilson Using Rust to build a Blender addon Building a Blender plugin using Rust
22:00:00 WBMD Organisers ADL / ORL / LDN / LAX Andrew / David / Kevin / Stirling That's a WRAP for World Blender Meetup Day 2022! Closing out. Thanks to everyone!

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