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What is the World Blender Meetup Day?

24 Hours of community meetup connecting to a worldwide online conference


Worldwide Meetups

Blenderheads meetups all over the world join together online on one day.


Community Speakers

Speakers giving talks and demonstrations every hour for an entire day.


Watch Online

Follow the stream online on the YouTube Channel for 24 hours of pure Blender joy.

Schedule will be announced closer to date.

Joining Speakers & City Groups

Welcome to the meetup speakers, organizations, and city user groups joining our worldwide event

Amsterdam Meetup

Amsterdam Meetup

Matthijs de Rijk

Theory Studios

Theory Studios

David Andrade

Blender 3D Meetup London

Blender 3D Meetup London

Michael Payne / Kevin K / Wojtek Grabczak / Alex Saplacan



James Crowther

More presenters on their way from all around the world!

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YouTube Channel

The stream will go live on the YouTube channel of the WBMD. You can also subscribe there to get notified (don’t forget to klick the bell icon there as well)

For Meetup Organizers

If you are a MeetUp organizer and you want to join with your MeetUp group, sign up here below.

For MeetUp coordinators that want to join and have already signed up, we have a guide for connecting up with the broadcast during the day. You can also find that here below. For question please send an email to

20 March

Online Together

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Around the globe

20 March, 2021